Art Director

Tasting Notes


Cannes Activation | Heat

Wine is something that can feel complicated and stuffy. We wanted to change that. We created songs inspired by the tasting notes of wine that brought new perspectives to the art of tasting vino. It allowed people to experience wine on a deeper level, giving new meaning to familiar terms like bright, earthy, or full-bodied. By using all of the senses instead of just 4, we were able to give people a deeper understanding and appreciation for wine.


We partnered with three musicians to create our tasting experience. Our musicians tasted the wines and got to know them to infuse the tasting notes of each wine into the music. Brighter melodies and instrumentation for brighter, fruitier wines or deep bass sounds for tasting notes that are earthier and full-bodied.


We brought the listening experience to our cabana at Cannes and allowed visitors to finally experience wine through all five of their senses.